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The Company

Manufacturer of the Minearscope


Founded in 1967, Minear Company is a successor of Minear Scientific Co. Inc.
Minear Scientific was a pioneer in the industry and developed the first
successful commercial Audiometer. The Audiometer was employed for auricular
visual location, investigation and  measurement comparison of noise and
vibration in mechanical and electrical equipment.
Minear Company developed the first industrial electronically amplifying
stethoscope and this year (2007) celebrates its 40th. year in business supplying
customers with maintenance instrumentation such as the Minear Audiometer,
Minearstrobe, Optical Tachometer, Minearlite, Minear Leakscope and various
models of the Minearscope that are regularly upgraded with state of the art
technology. The latest models include the 555M and the 5005 which feature plug
in capability for storing sounds in any instrument such as a computer, an
oscilloscope and any recording device.
Minear is an American company located in Santa Clara California , the heart of
Silicon Valley