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The Innovascope 5005

A sound investment in preventive maintenance





The INNOVASCOPE 5005 is a very reliable industrial sound probe. It acts like an acoustical microscope to amplify audio-frequency mechanical vibrations that are too damped-out beyond the machinery casing to be clearly heard by the unaided ear. By making these characteristic sounds audible, the INNOVASCOPE 5005 helps operations and maintenance personnel detect the changes in them that can signal trouble. Armed with knowledge of advanced wear or impending breakdown, you can deal with problems cost-effectively by scheduling preventive maintenance instead of just reacting to equipment outages at random.  Using the INNOVASCOPE 5005 means learning the sounds your equipment makes in the normal course of operation. As your familiarity with these sounds deepens and you begin to relate altered sounds to objective changes in equipment condition (wear, load, speed etc.), you will get the full benefit of your INNOVASCOPE 5005 as you learn to detect problems and PREVENT their causing costly unscheduled maintenance and DOWNTIME. With performance reliability and value for money being key decision drivers in the procurement of testing and maintenance instruments the INNOVASCOPE 5005 will surpass this criteria from both use and acquisition standpoints.

Users improve their maintenance operation efficiency and reduce overall maintenance costs by monitoring machinery. Operators can perform QUICK checks of machinery to determine if further analysis and maintenance is required.

The INNOVASCOPE 5005 can serve as a stand-alone device instrument when connected to a host device such as a PC, an oscilloscope or any recording device.

Or the INNOVASCOPE 5005 can be used by the listener to hear and analyze sounds himself or BOTH as a stand alone and human interactive device. The applications are practically universal.