Manufacturer of the INNOVASCOPE 5005

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Leader in the development of Industrial Maintenance Electronic Sound Amplifying Stethoscopes used to detect leaks in pipes, noisy valves, malfunction of ball bearings, bushings, engines, machinery, pumps, manufacturing equipment, presses, power plants, rolling stock, conveyor belts, printing presses, pulp and paper plants, steam traps, heating and air-conditioning units, dairy tanks, lifts and elevators, hydraulic vessels, transportation units from the internal combustion engine in a car or truck up to diesel engines and turbines in the bigger cargo ships and jet engines in airplanes and much more. Our mission is to offer the professionals the tools they need to detect problems before they happen and prevent costly unscheduled maintenance and downtime and to prolong equipment life. Our Industrial Stethoscope listening pickup device help the maintenance engineers improve their preventive maintenance operations with efficiency and reduce overall maintenance cost by monitoring and test checking machinery. Operators can perform quick test checks of machinery with our easy to use industrial grade hand held portable effective tools to determine if further analysis and maintenance is required. Also the Innovascope will allow hearing of tick-tacking of explosive devices and clicking of safe locks.